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Voices of Healing: Testimonials from Our Guests

Step into the Footsteps of Those Who Have Embraced Healing and Self Discovery at Inca Shipiba

Voices of Healing: Testimonials from Our Guests

Step into the Footsteps of Those Who Have Embraced Healing at Inca Shipiba

Testimonials of Empowerment and Growth

In the sacred space of Inca Shipiba, our guests embark on profound journeys of self-discovery and transformation. Through the timeless wisdom of ayahuasca and the loving guidance of our experienced shamans, individuals find themselves on a path of empowerment and growth unlike any other.

Our guests have graciously shared their experiences, revealing the profound impact of their healing journey at Inca Shipiba. These testimonials speak of newfound strength, clarity, and resilience, as individuals embrace their inner power and step into their authentic selves.

From overcoming past traumas to gaining deep insights into their life’s purpose, each testimony reflects the unique journey of empowerment and growth that unfolds within our sacred space. Through the power of ayahuasca, individuals rediscover their innate wisdom, tap into their inner strength, and emerge transformed, ready to embrace life with newfound courage and vitality.

These testimonials serve as a testament to the profound healing and empowerment that awaits those who embark on the transformative journey at Inca Shipiba. We invite you to explore these inspiring stories and discover the endless possibilities that lie within your own journey of empowerment and growth.

Ten days in the Amazon jungle on a retreat and a plant-based diet. It was an extraordinary time of healing and regaining all parts of myself. Each of us had our own space, which helped us be more present to ourselves. I immediately felt at home. I didn’t mind the lack of electricity, bathroom, or telephone (I didn’t know what time it was all those days, a total timeless experience). I woke up with the Sun, and my daily rhythm was connected to the rhythm of nature. I remembered what it was like to listen to the jungle and its pulse. I wasn’t bothered by spiders, bats or termites that wanted to take over my house one night. Almost every day I was visited by a toucan and butterflies that sat on my outstretched hands. During this time we ate very little. The dishes were devoid of flavor and any spices. Every day I met with two plants that Maestra Matylda gave me after hearing my intention. A very beautiful process. I had the honor of participating in three ceremonies with the Queen of Plants, which were a sacred space to remember who and where I am from. I loved myself again. With even greater strength, awareness and power. And yes, I am a daughter of the jungle, I heard. Maybe that’s why I felt at home from the very beginning. Thank you Inca Shipiba for a beautiful time at the source, combined with what is divine. Thank you Dawid for holding space and support. You are a good person, in a good place. Kate.


The heartbeat of the rainforest and the sounds of Nature. Stillness and total presence. Remembering that the one who is happy is the one who values and treasures what he’s got. Powerful Medicine Music, rejuvenating forest, nourishing food and the best hosts I could wish for. Thank you for your medicine Matilde, Dawid and the rest of the team. It will spread throughout throughout world through me. Gracias for your life changing hard work, my deepest respects to all of you.



After my last ceremony with mother ayahuasca I received the calling to go to Peru🇵🇪. Didn’t have any idea where to go.
After some research and some phone calls I decided to go by myself to do a dieta for 10 days at Inca ayahuasca. The shipibos are the first to have contact and knowledge about the master plants and the most ancient tribe among the aymaras.
The dieta consisted in doing 3 kambo🐸 ceremonies, 4 ayahuasca ceremonies🦅 combined with the master plant Ajosacha🌱.
Also staying in silence and isolation. Ajosacha is a powerful protector and teacher in knowing who we truly are, and a powerful doctor in cleaning and healing the immune system and liver. As the Inca say: it takes courage to leave your comfort zone and enter into the womb of Mother Earth.
As I am humbly writing this, I am crying tears of gratitude, happiness, joy and freedom. it was not an easy journey. A lot of anger, pain, sadness, fear and many other emotions were brought up and I had to do the work.
Sit with them, observe them, feel them and let them go. Transmuting and transforming darkness into light. ✨✨✨ I cannot put into words the respect, admiration, connection and love I have towards this community who now I can call family. I was so honored and humbled to share my life with them.
This journey was all about coming back to my truest self. Shedding layers that don’t serve me anymore🐍, releasing old patterns, listening to my heart and soul🫶, and remembering who I am. What am I ? LOVE♥️. Thank you curanderos: Matilde, Sarita and Rambo. Thank you to my teachers Teresa and Jesus for always being present with their music, light, love and protection. Thank you Flaka for the guidance recommendation and support through my process. Biggest thanks to me for doing the work and my beloved PACHAMAMA🌎and mother Ayahuasca for your deep healing and wisdom. Healing is the new high AHO great spirit 🌬️🌈🙏🏼🦅


A friend asked me: “so how was it?” I was caught off guard and I was unsure how to answer: “Not an easy question..” I stayed still in silence, listening back to the voice of the forest, to the ancestral chants, to the emptiness. “Imagine, all of a sudden, looking at the morning sky, after an entire life being locked in a dark chamber. Watch yourself wondering among the desert’s dunes under the burning sun grasping for water. Reflected, shaking at the horizon, appears a mirage of a tiny green island, delicate, and rich in all that is needed and no more. Imagine this mirage as real and let your souls be pervaded by its presence.” Laying on my hard mattress, arms open, I was receiving the never ending flow of love and compassion, asking myself if I would ever be filled up.’



I attended Inca Shipiba with Maestra Matilde in July of 2023 with my daughter and a friend for the first time. I learned so much about space holding, tending with love and care, and being held by a mother/grandmother from Matilde. She is truly the loving and direct “abuelita” that we all needed at that time. I love how she runs the healing center and I feel especially safe because as most women, we did have wounds from the patriarchal and misogynistic systems we live in, and being in a matrilineal space was so empowering and reaffirming. I am making this a yearly visit to her and the four generations of medicine people she works with. There is so much healing, service, and learning I am being called to with Matilde. I am looking forward to bringing more friends and family to her.



My healing started even before my journey to the Jungles of Peru. I felt guided and protected by the medicine ever since the first call to Inca Shipiba Centre 🕊️

I could not postpone the growth of my soul any longer. I followed the calling of my heart and connected with Bobinsana in her natural habitat through love, care & wisdom of Maestra Matilde and her family.

I was held, purified and cured the by the frequencies of La Selva, the vibrations of Ícaros and voices of Dawid’s magical music instruments.

I found my light in the darkness of the Maloka. The weakness in my body had awakened doubts, but that too was just a proof of my renaissance.

It was worth every step in to the unknown waters ~ from broken heart to open heart. With La Sirenita as my ally forever 💞🌿

Thank you dear Dawid for being the bridge for the souls of need.
Gracias a Maestra Matilde y Sara por su arte curandero.
Gracias a Mahu por la comida hecha con tanto amor.

I am overflowing with gratitude for Shipibo medicine that became part of me so I can serve the the mission of my soul🕊️.



‘My first ever master plant dietas are complete. I did it. 30 days done primarily in isolation in the jungle. 

Two dietas back to back, the first 20 days, the second 7 days, with a 3 day break in between to gain back some strength. Minimal food devoid of flavor, no phone, no music or books, and no distractions for the first 20 days. No sense of time or electricity. Dieting master plants Bobinsana and then Chiric Sanango, alongside 15 Ayahuasca ceremonies. Incredibly challenging being stretched so thin at times, but incredibly rewarding coming out on the other side of this experience knowing I gave it every ounce of fight I had in me, and succeeded.

Thank you Ayahuasca, Bobinsana, and Chiric Sanango. Thank you Inca Shipiba Healing Center for the kindness and helping hand you have extended to me. For the safe container you have created for deep healing and expression of self to take place. Thank you Dawid Rakowski for walking me through the most challenging process of my life thus far. Thank you to my brother for helping make this possible for me. And lastly, I thank myself for showing up and for gaining the courage hour by hour to continue through this. 

It’s been an incredible opportunity getting to know you, Ayahuasca.


Pictured here is the cutting of my diet, reintroducing flavor to my body with a lime, salt, and a chili pepper.’