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The main facilitator, brings over 17 years of Ayahuasca experience, offering support through psychedelic retreats and integration sessions. A musician and apprentice of the Shipibo tradition, Dawid designs transformative experiences to guide guests on their healing journeys.

Son of Maestra Matilde, blends strong masculine Shipibo Icaros songs with softer, feminine tones, offering a beautiful balance in ceremonies. Trained in Kambo frog medicine, he deeply supports the healing process.

Daughter of Maestra Matilde, infuses ceremonies with love through her Icaros and ukulele music, blending tradition with new age medicine to guide guests toward healing.

The creator of Inca Shipiba Center, brings almost 50 years of experience with Ayahuasca and plant medicines, leading ceremonies with energy and wisdom. Supported by her daughter Sara and son Wilson, her caring energy guides guests through healing journeys, offering medicinal massages and plant vapor saunas.