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Our Family

Our Family

Inca Shipiba Healing Center

Authentic ayahuasca and plant medicine center led by the indigenous Shipibo Maestra Matilde and her family. The center is also supported by experienced bilingual facilitators to support guests on their healing journey, making it a safe space for deep inner work. The center is located in the Amazon Rainforest of Peru, near a small town called Nauta, Iquitos area. We offer pick up and drop off from the Iquitos airport, which is located less than 2 hours away by car. 

The fact the center is owned by the Shipibo family is a guarantee that your financial support goes directly to the indigenous wisdom keepers and helps them preserve their precious tradition, as opposed to westerner owned centers where the shamans get paid very little and often work without breaks for months or even years leading them to burn out. 

When you come to Inca Shipiba you will feel like home, surrounded by kids, animals and the jungle, you will be held as you dwell deep into your healing journey. 





Matilde Gomez - Korin Beka

She is the creator and leader of the Inca Shipiba Center coming from the Contamana community along the Ucayali river. She’s 63 and has almost 50 years of experience with Ayahuasca and plant medicines which you can hear in the countless Icaros she sings during ceremonies. She’s one of the most powerful female shamans in Peru at the moment, one of the very few who owns her own retreat center and attracts guests from all over the world. She’s young enough to lead a ceremony with lots of energy, but also wise and grounded enough to hold a safe space. Her energy is very caring, giving her guests an experience guided by love and light.

During ceremonies she is supported by her daughter Sara and son Wilson. Their huge wisdom of medicinal plants will support you with many health issues. She also offers a medicinal massage or plant vapor saunas that greatly support the healing process.

Her name “Korin Beka” carries profound spiritual symbolism, reflecting a beautiful soul intertwined with the essence of the Inkas. It signifies a being infused with a fresh spirit, resonating deeply with the wisdom and heritage of the Inka civilization. This name suggests a connection to ancestral roots and a profound understanding of ancient traditions, embodying a harmony between past and present


Wilson - Chonon Meni

Son of Maestra Matilde, studying under the maestras guidance has allowed him to combine the typical strong masculine style of Shipibo Icaros songs with the softer high pitched feminine, creating his beautiful melancholic style. A very talented singer who’s balancing the feminine energy of the family without overwhelming it. Wilson has also trained to serve Kambo frog medicine with the Matses tribe and is always honored to offer his services to deepen your process of healing.

His name “Chonon Meni” carries a deeply spiritual significance, symbolizing a men who has embarked on a profound journey of learning and understanding the healing properties of medicinal plants. It represents an individual who has delved into the ancient wisdom of plant medicine, seeking to uncover their therapeutic benefits and unlock their potential for holistic healing.


Sara - Xetan Beka

Daughter of Maestra Matilde, Sara is a being full of light and it’s rare that you will see her without a smile on her face. She adds a lot of love into the ceremonies with her Icaros song but also with her ukulele and medicine song. As the younger generation, she is great at blending the long tradition of the Shipibo Icaros with the new age medicine music adding soothing energy to the sometimes hard work. Together with her brother and mother, they create a powerful trio of voices that guide you through the darkness into the light.

Her name “Xetan Beka” encapsulates a profound spiritual and professional significance, representing a powerful healer and courageous warrior in the Shipibo Conibo tradition. “Xetan Beka” symbolizes strength, resilience, and independence, embodying the essence of a skilled curandera who possesses the ability to heal the sick with her deep knowledge of traditional medicine. As a woman of great bravery and fortitude, she fearlessly confronts adversity and challenges, standing firmly in her own power and inner strength.




Dawid - Rao Nete

He is the main facilitator at Inca Shipiba with over 17 years of learning from Ayahuasca, and over 5 years of working as a facilitator in retreats and ceremonial spaces for thousands of people. He’s a self taught musician, light language channeler and apprentice of the Shipibo tradition. He designs psychedelic retreats and is the creator of Ecstatic Dance Sacred Valley. He has also written content for Dennis McKenna and Graham Hancock, reaching millions of people worldwide. He is always happy to support you through your healing process with preparation and integration session.

His name “Rao nete” holds profound spiritual significance within the Shipibo tradition, representing the sacred realm of the medicine world. In the Shipibo language, “Rao nete” translates to “medicine world,” signifying a spiritual dimension that Onanya healers access to facilitate healing. This ethereal realm is characterized by its subtlety and luminosity, resonating with a high vibrational frequency that transcends the physical realm. Within “Rao nete,” the healing force of medicinal songs and the healer’s whistle emanates, serving as conduits for spiritual healing energies to flow into the physical and energetic bodies of those seeking healing. 

Gracia Maria2

Gracia Maria - Sankenkate

Gracia María is a woman of Prayer who dedicates her life to the service of Plant indigenous to her homeland Peru.

Whenever she’s not leading retreats across the world she is submerging herself into deepening her knowledge and connection through dietas with the indigenous tribes in the Amazonas. 

As a loyal servant of the Great Mother, Gracia Maria acts as a bridge between spiritual and physical planes by applying ancient wisdom, weaving tradition and her own methods through her own expressions of the healing arts spreading seeds of freedom and awakening

Currently Gracia Maria leads successful retreats worldwide assisting hundreds of souls through the profound journey of Awakening. 

Gracia Maria2
With a legacy spanning generations

Ancestral Wisdom & Cultural Heritage

At our retreat centre, guests are welcomed into a nurturing and supportive environment where they can explore the depths of their consciousness under the guidance of experienced shamans and facilitators. Our family's commitment to providing compassionate care and personalized attention ensures that each individual feels supported on their journey towards healing and spiritual growth.

Dive into the Jungle....

Take a peek inside our retreat center.

Our Maloka

Immerse yourself in the sacred ambiance of the Maloka, a traditional indigenous structure revered for its role in hosting transformative ceremonies and community gatherings. Crafted from natural materials, this circular sanctuary embodies the deep connection between humans and nature, fostering spiritual connection and cultural preservation within its walls.

Our Tambos

A Tambo becomes a sacred haven during the plant dieta, serving as a humble sanctuary for participants to immerse themselves in the healing journey. Built with natural materials, it harmonizes with the surrounding landscape, providing a tranquil space for reflection, introspection, and connection with the spirit of the plants.